Part time bush pilot and solo adventurer who grew up in nature and has years of experience camping in Northern Canada. I love exploring the north without a destination in mind with my gear and my dog. Packed with a tent, survival gear, tools, fishing gear, a bow and arrow, and a camera, Maverick and I are ready for whatever adventure the beautiful northern woods of Ontario and Quebec throw at us.

Docking with mav

I try to provide the unique perspective of camping in very remote places that are typically only accessible to floatplanes. When camping at a location that doesn't get any human traffic you get an amazing combination of nature and beauty, but it's not without added challanges. Setting North is a documentation of both the beauty and challenges presented when camping the remote northern woods in Canada. As an avid fisherman, I'm often trying to mix camping and fishing, and am always on the hunt for hidden boats out in the bush. I love fishing on lakes that are not easily accessible by other anglers.

Maverick and the campfire

We look forward to sharing our northern adventures with you and hopefully providing some insights and thoughts on camping in the northern woods. Maverick and I hope you enjoy our experiences.

Maverick bokeh
Maverick and the campfire